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Vomit Bag with Super Absorbent Pad PAC

Gels biological fluids and confines unpleasant odors

Ref: 773 39 87BIO, box of 20

  • Absorbs and gels the body fluids
  • Secures the collection of vomit, infectious or not
  • Brings discretion and convenience to the user
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Medical Device, Class I. Manufacturer: Cleanis SASU. Carefully read the information on the packaging. Use before the date of expiry.CareBag® PAC long-term storage devices (with a use-by date of 5 years) are degradable under aerobic conditions, heat, and/or sunlight. The exact rate and extent of that degradation is unpredictable and depends on the amount of light and heat the product receives. This plastic will not degrade and will not emit greenhouse gases under anaerobic conditions in landfills

The CareBag Vomit Bag replaces traditional holders for better hygiene.
In contact with fluids and materials, the pad acts from the first contact with fluids to gel the contents, and thus limit the risk of splashes and spills once it is sealed while trapping odours. The PAC additive makes CareBag the only Vomit Bag with accelerated degradation in an open environment.

The CareBag Vomit Bag is used in many departments where patients are bedridden, weakened, or subject to sudden episodes of nausea:

  • Resuscitation Unit,
  • Operating Theatre,
  • Postoperative Care,
  • Intensive Care Unit,
  • Digestive Surgery,
  • Emergency Care,
  • Outpatient Waiting Room,
  • Gynaecology and Obstetrics,
  • Labour Room,
  • Rehabilitation.
Product reference773 39 87BIO
ClassificationMedical Device, Class I - CE
PackagingDispenser box of 20
Secondary packagingBox of 18 boxes
Bag (dimensions)25 x 25 cm
Pad (dimensions)24 x 13 cm
Pad (absorption of biological fluids (0.9% saline solution))450 mL
StandardsCompliant with Directive 93/42/EEC. Absorption tested according to a suitable method based on ISO 11948-1
Expiry date5 years after the manufacture date. Refer to the expiry date on the packaging.
Are there instructions for using the Vomit Bag?

Yes. Cleanis offers an instructional video (available on the product page or YouTube) and also a training service: In this last case, contact us.

Can the Vomit Bag replace traditional systems (basins, bags)?

Yes. The CareBag Vomit Bag was designed to replace traditional holders in order to improve hygiene during infectious vomiting.

Does the CareBag Vomit Bag measure the volume of the patient’s vomit?

Using the CareBag scale, you can evaluate the volume of vomit. You can find the instructions here.

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