Q: CareBag - Does the Bedpan Liner fit any type of bedpan?

Yes. The CareBag Bedpan Liner allows coverage of any type of standard bedpan and commode. On the other hand, it does not fit bariatric bedpans. In this case, we invite you to use CareBag Toilet Bowl Liner.

Q: CareBag - Can the Male Urinal replace conventional systems (pistol handle)?

Yes. The CareBag Male Urinal has been designed to replace traditional holders in order to improve hygiene when bedridden patients void.

Q: CareBag - Does the CareBag Male Urinal measure the urine output of patients?

Using the CareBag scale, you can evaluate the diuresis of patients.

Q: GelMax - What is the disposal system for any gelified liquid or GelMax pad?

The combination disposal system depends on the gel liquid and contamination present in it. Follow the protocol of your institution.

Q: GelMax - Is the GelMax pouch compatible with bleach?

Yes. The GelMax water-soluble bag has been tested on the absorption of 2% bleach, showing its effectiveness.

Q: GelMax - What types of fluids GelMax Water Soluble Pouch can absorb ?

Q: GelMax - Do GelMax mats absorb washing solutions?

Yes. GelMax mats absorb any type of biological fluid.

Q: AUVS - How does the Box work?

Plug unit into 110 Volt standard outlet, turn power switch on, green light illuminates, turn knob and open door, place item to be decontaminated in box, close and turn back the knob lock door, press red button (lights up during 55 second cycle). When red light goes off decontamination is done. You might notice a slight Ozone smell when the cycle is complete.

Q: AUVS - How long is the decontamination cycle?

55 seconds, tested to kill over 99.9% of MRSA and C- Diff spores.

Q: AUVS - Can I put anything in the box?

Yes, will not harm electronics

Q: AUVS - Limitations?

No, you can’t lay things over each other in the box. If the UV light can’t hit it, can’t decontaminate it.

Q: AUVS - How do I know the box is working?

On the front of the box is a plastic bubble that will turn blue when the UV lights are on.

Q: AUVS - Will it work with one of the two UV lights burned out?

No, the lights are wired in series so, if one light burns out the other won’t come in either.

Q: AUVS - Can I test the box?

Yes, there are yellow UV tabs that turns green when placed in the box and a cycle is run.

Q: AUVS - Any maintenance?

If the chamber is very dirty inside reflectors in the box, can be cleaned using a mixture of alcohol and water (1:1). Residues of alcohol-based cleaning products are easily wipe away with a water-soaked cotton cloth.

Q: AUVS - Cleaning the outside of the box?

Its aluminum, similar construction to any medical carts, whatever you use to clean them is fine.

Q: AUVS - Safety?

UV light does not come in contact with staff or patients, completely enclosed decontamination chamber. If you open the box before the cycle is over the lights turn off.

Q: AUVS - PVC or Latex?

Some plastic used for door lock and hinges.

Q: AUVS - Mounting options?

The UV box can be wall mounted, desktop or mounted to a cart.

Q: AUVS - What other testing?

The UV-Box is UL listed and has also been comparatively tested with other phone and iPad disinfection system by ECRI.

Q: AUVS - If I have my cover on my phone or iPad will it be disinfected?

If the UV light does not hit the surface it will not disinfect.

Q: AUVS - What is the size of the box?

16’’ wide x 10’’ deep x 10’’ tall and weighs about 10 Lbs.

Q: AUVS - Does the box clean devices?

The box does not clean, it sanitizes which means it kills.

Q: AUVS - Does UV hurt my electronics?

No, UV does not, all the electronics are shielded from UV now.

Q: AUVS - What does UV do to the plastics of devices?

First if we consider the objective here to kill/sterilize surfaces of devices, most being electronic, usually installed in a plastic housing and C-Diff being our biggest challenge. The concern is that UV degrades polymers, this is true, but keep in mind that most plastics especially those found in phones, tablets, and medical devices have UV stabilizers mixed into the ingredients before they are injection molded, so the effect is usually just yellowing over time. Devices are already exposed to UV with the UV robot used for disinfection, so that effect has already been taken into account. Finally look at the alternative. To kill C-Diff spores, which is the ultimate objective of this program, you have to use bleach, sodium hypochlorite. I would contend this is far more damaging to devices than UV would be. Long term exposure to bleach can damage many different plastics, it a strong oxidizing agent. In addition of a spray is used rather than a bleach wipe this is contrary to the public health notice of October 31, 2007 from the FDA, CDC, EPA and OSHA avoiding hazards with using cleaners and disinfectants on electronic medical equipment.

Q: AUVS - How expensive is the UV-Box compared to other options?

According to ECRI’s study the UV-Box is ½ the cost of the next lowest cost UV sanitizing device over a 10-year period.


Q: I wish to be part of the Cleanis team. To which address should I send my CV?

If you are interested in hygiene and the Cleanis Universe, you can contact us through the form. If your profile meets the expectations of Cleanis, you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Q: Is Cleanis a French company?

Yes. CLEANIS is 100% owned by the INNOTHERA Group, a French family company, founded in 1913 by the great-grandfather of the current president, Mr. Arnaud Gobet.

Orders & Shipment

Q: I am a healthcare professional. How do I place an order for a Cleanis product?

You can contact us.

Q: How long does it take to process my order?

USA: Orders received before 12h are processed the same day.

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Q: The product and/or its packaging was damaged upon reception

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Q: The product is the cause of damage for the patient

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