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A rapid gelification of liquids for more security


Ultra Mat

Securing contaminants on the floor

Ref: 9520241, box of 100

  • Absorbs and bonds the liquids to prevent its spread and contamination into the environment
  • Facilitates cleaning of the floors between interventions to improve the rotation rates
  • Prevents falls and slips due to the presence of liquids on the floor and contributes to making the work environment safer
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Manufacturer: Cleanis SASU. Carefully read the information on the packaging.

The hygienic single-use Ultra Super Absorbent Mat quickly and effectively absorbs blood, cleaning solutions (rinsing liquid), urine and other liquids present in the operating theatre.

It is possible to place it in front of the feet of the medical team.

It is often used during surgeries that produce lavage fluid:

  • arthroscopy,
  • endoscopy,
  • urology.
Product reference 952 02 41
PackagingBox of 100 mats
Dimensions72 x 37 cm
AbsorptionUp to 9 L of water or 3.5 L of 0.9% saline solution
Expiry dateNo expiry date
Does the GelMax Ultra Mat absorb washing solutions?

Yes. GelMax Ultra Mat absorbs any type of biological fluid.

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