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Efficient disinfection in enclosed areas



Efficient disinfection in enclosed areas

Ref: 0752-110STD,

  • Zero tolerance for harmful HAIs: 6 log kill (99.9999%)
    for C. difficile spores
  • Uniform disinfection. No more concern with shadow areas
  • No adverse health and structural consequences
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HaloFogger is the effective solution for disinfection of enclosed spaces in hospitals, even the “shadow areas”. Its disinfection technology by hydrogen peroxide enables any hospital room area to be treated, with a recognised efficacy against HAIs (6-log 10 reduction in C. difficile when HaloFogger is used with HaloMist). HaloFogger recharges itself with the HaloMist solution.

HaloFogger is used in various departments:

  • Recovery room
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • Emergency care (EC)
  • Operating room
  • Rehabilitation
  • Maternity
  • Isolation
  • HaloFogger – 110v with Drain Nozzle and Halo Log Ref.0752-110STD
  • HaloFogger – EXT with Extended Nozzle 5 ft. w/Log Ref.0752-110EXT
  • Halo Fogger – FLX with Extended Nozzle 12 ft. w/Log Ref.0752-110EXS
DimensionsH 18.5’ ’D x 13.25’’ W x 40’’H
WarrantyThe Halo Fogger is guaranteed for one (1) year from the date of purchase. All parts and labor are covered under this period, excluding damage due to abuse by the user.*Warranty Registrations must be received within 30 days of purchase.
Weight without disinfectant50 Lbs
Reservoir capacity2 gallons
Precautions for useKeep out of reach of children Product must be used in accordance with its user manual Keep the Halomist Disinfectant in a cool and dry storage.
What makes Halosil different?
  • Effective – HaloMist was the first aerosolized hydrogen peroxide disinfectant the EPA approved for fogging with a 99.9999% kill of C. diff spores in a whole room.
  • Affordable – Halo Disinfection System cost is often under $10,000. Consumable costs are usually about $20 per treated patient room.
  • Halosil disinfectants are ready-to-use hydrogen peroxide and ionic silver
  • Halosil disinfectants are odorless and are bleach, ethanol and PAA free. They are also non-corrosive and safe for use around electronic equipment.
  • Halosil’s unique, stabilized formula delivers exceptional 2-year storage stability.
  • Halosil’s 5% H202 formula is toxicity rated as a III (mild) eye irritant, and a IV (innocuous) oral, dermal, and inhalation irritant.
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