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Customized for your needs

  • Effectively and quickly disinfects ORs between surgeries and at pre-scheduled times
  • Customized permanent installation available for use 24/7/365
  • Requires no FTEs to position/move
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Each Advanced UVC Light Disinfection System is custom-tailored to meet your facility’s needs in one of the most critical areas of a hospital – the Operating Room. It includes components for surface, upper air and doorway disinfection to provide a blanket of disinfection to the entire OR. Components are permanently installed to assure the effectiveness of the disinfection and eliminate any guesswork in placement. The OR Package has “smart” components that communicate with each other to maximize disinfection and safety.


OR Package is used in:

  • Operating room (OR)
  • Other areas requiring permanent fixtures (especially large areas)
Operating Room Package includesThe OR Package is customized to each OR and facility by UVC experts and may include a touchscreen ”smart” controller, indirect wall-mounted fixtures, direct surface-mounted fixtures, door barrier fixtures, warning signs, safety shields and a radiometer for calibration.
Precautions for useProlonged, direct exposure to UVC light can cause temporary skin redness and eye irritation, but does not cause skin cancer or cataracts.
Is the OR Package only used between surgeries?

No, it can also be pre-set for scheduled disinfection.

How do I know the disinfection cycle ran if nobody is there?

Every cycle is logged and the data can be downloaded for inspection and analytics.

What if someone walks in the OR during a disinfection cycle?

Every UVC fixture in the room has its own motion and infrared sensor – if they “see” motion or sense heat, all fixtures will immediately shut down.