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Corner Mount

The future looks bright, Ultraviolet bright ™

Ref: CM-15

  • Disinfects upper air
  • Safe to use in occupied rooms
  • Used to control the spread of microorganisms since 1960
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CM-15 units continuously and safely disinfect the upper air of any room. A single CM-15 unit, mounted near the ceiling at the corner of the room, can disinfect 75-100 square feet. CM-15 lamps are rated for 9,000 hours effective lamp life (approximately 1 year). Lamp replacement is easy – simply remove one fastener to open the unit.


Upper air fixtures can be used in any room.

Dimensions9.2'' H x 10.8''W x 9.1'' D
Power cable length8 ft
Precautions for useProlonged, direct exposure to UVC light can cause temporary skin redness and eye irritation, but does not cause skin cancer or cataracts. Fixture should be mounted 7.5 ft above the floor so no one can look directly at the UVC.
How can it be safe for the corner mount to run when people are in the room?

The louvers are directed upward toward the ceiling (or out horizontally), and the products are mounted at least 7.5 feet high so that no one can look directly at the lamps. Only the upper air is disinfected and persons or animals occupying the area below receive no direct exposure.

Why are our products superior to the competitors’ products?

100% made in the USA. The product has been manufactured for over 60 years by the same company.