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URIgrip Handle for Male Urinal

Essential accessory for the comfort of patients and caregivers

Ref: 602 00 22, box of 25

  • Use and hook to the bed in 2 directions
  • Secure
  • Ergonomic design
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Medical device accessory, Class I, intended to be used with CareBag® Male Urinal. Manufacturer: Cleanis SASU. Carefully read the information in the leaflet.

CareBag URIgrip is the first handle that can be used in both directions, ensuring greater comfort for the caregiver and patient during assisted urination.Designed with patients and caregivers in mind, CareBag URIgrip can be safely used with CareBag Male Urinal, since the device is securely hung with the holder. This ergonomic holder is a real innovation in the improvement of practices for the benefit of healthcare staff and patients. CareBag URIgrip should be used with CareBag Male Urinal, in packs of 20.

CareBag URIgrip is used in the same departments where the CareBag Male Urinal is used: Recovery Room, Intensive Care Unit, Digestive Surgery, Emergency Care, Rehabilitation.

Product reference602 00 22
ClassificationMedical device accessory, Class I - CE, compliant with the Directive 93/42/EEC
PackagingBox of 25
Precautions for use
  • Single-patient use
  • Recommended maximum duration of use: 3 weeks
  • The handle must be discarded after the patient’s stay, according to the current protocol in your institution
Cleaning, disinfection and disposal
  • Use your usual cleaning and disinfection protocol
  • The URIgrip handle can be recycled with plastic recycling (e.g. water bottles)
  • This product has not been designed to be cleaned with a bedpan washer
Expiry dateNo expiry date
Is CareBag URIgrip manufactured in France?

CareBag URIgrip is a product “Made in France”. The design, development and manufacture of the product have been carried out in France.This is in line with the CLEANIS policy, eager to recognise French expertise.

Are there instructions for using CareBag URIgrip?

The handle is supplied with a package leaflet including instructions for its use.

Why is using it in 2 directions significant?

The option to choose the direction of use is important, because patients and caregivers can choose the direction which will best suit them.

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